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Out for pricing

Author: Travis Kinney

Here’s a house design I’m working on. It’s currently out for schematic pricing.

2,750 sq ft house

House rendering

Author: Travis Kinney
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New House

Old-y but goodie

Author: Travis Kinney

Dining room at the Cedars retirement living facility

Library for the Cedars retirement living

This is a revised elevation of a drawing previously posted. The gable end shown increased in size from 20′ to 24′. Previously, I had designed portions of the master bathroom that extended out beyond the first floor exterior walls. This was ok, since the structure was concealed within the roof framing of a wrap-around porch. The client decided they wanted to reduce the amount of the porch on the front of the house and locate a porch on the back of the house that could be screened in. I had to do something with the master bathroom floor area, now that that porch was removed. It made the most sense to increase the building width. By doing this, I was also able to reduce the roof pitch from 14/12 to 12/12. I had previously designed a steeper roof because I was running into head-height issues where I desperately needed the headroom. The increased building width allowed me to reduce the pitch to a more conventional 12/12 pitch.

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New Engand style rambling cape

small house with a lot in it

Author: Travis Kinney

Here’s a house I’ve been working on in Falmouth. These are the schematics and has a ways to go before I’m happy with the proportions on the exterior. If you compare the plans, elevations and roof plan on site drawing, there are a number of items that don’t match. That’s because each of these images were taken at different sketch phases. For example, a portion of the front porch has been removed and one added to the rear of the house. This shows up on the site plan drawing, but not on one exterior elevation. Anyway, keep that in mind if you start scrutinizing, as these sketches are taken randomly along the schematic design timeline.

Partial sit eplan

First floor plan

Second Floor plan

Side elevation

Rear elevation

Pine panelled room

Author: Travis Kinney
Pine panelling

My friend Greg Harrison built this room