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small cottage

Author: Travis Kinney

This is what the small cottage looked like before it was removed and a new cottage built.


portion of patio

After the project was completed Maine Cottage Furniture used the living room for a photo shoot.

Maine Cottage photo shoot

Maine Cottage photo shoot

Maine Cottage photo shoot

schematic kitchen sketch

Author: Travis Kinney

kitchen cabinet vintage hardwood flooring

Rangeley, Maine

Author: Travis Kinney

Here are two comparison plans of the Rangeley, Maine lodge I produced renovation designs for.

Take a quick look at the living room before and after. The ‘before’ living room was way too small. You didn’t get that grand lodge feel. In my design, I removed the loft and slid it back over the existing sunroom and new addition, doubling the size of the living room and opening it up to the ridge. I really wanted to expose the original log walls and underside of roof. New insulation was added to the top of the roof.  Kitchen, mudroom, entry, bedrooms and bathrooms were all relocated, but the big brushstroke was moving the loft to create the grand lodge room. There is an AWESOME chandelier in the living room, that doesn’t show up in the attached photos and can’t wait to photograph.

First floor comparison

Loft plan comparison

My client just sent these two photos to me. I can’t imagine how awesome the place will look with professional photos! These images came out incredible from all the up-lighting reflected off the snow outside.. Still some misc. lighting to be installed. The cabin feels so much more “lodge-like” which is what I was after with my design. The owner has the best historical ephemera you can imagine. It’s like a historical museum inside.

Interior shot - standing between kitchen and dining and looking toward living room

View from corner of living room looking toward kitchen

Development sketch

Author: Travis Kinney

Here’s a sketch I produced for the Great American Neighborhood development in Scarborough; Dunstan Crossing.

Dunstan Crossing rendering

Now that it’s built, they are using this photo;

Dunstan Crossing photo

In the press – kinda

Author: Travis Kinney

Here’s an add that Old Port Specialty Tile recently used showing a bathroom I designed.

Magazine ad with my bathroom design

Maine Home+Design contacted me for permission to use one of my renderings for their ad and posters for the upcoming home show.

Ad for Midcoast Show - Maine Home+Design

Rendering from the past

Author: Travis Kinney

Here are some renderings I did years ago. One is a rendering of Cony High School that I did back when I was working at PDT Architects. This rendering, which was published in a number of magazines and newspapers, caught the eye of a designer who hired me to render the other two images.

Cony High School in Augusta, Maine

Freeport wharf

Summer camp in Maine