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Schematic pricing set

Author: Travis Kinney

Following are small images of large drawing sheets of an addition design that currently being sent out for rough pricing before advancing onto Design Development drawings produced in cadd.

First floor plan

Second floor plan

Driveway-side perspective sketch

Oceanside perspective sketch

Farm kitchen

Author: Travis Kinney

These cabinets were constructed by Cook & Cook in Scarborough, Me.

Farm kitchen

Dining room

Author: Travis Kinney

dining room

old rendering

Author: Travis Kinney

Here’s an old perspective sketch that I came across when cleaning out old files. I did this rendering for a couple while employed at Fine Lines.

perspective sketch

Here’s another rendering that I did a couple years ago for Chmberlain Homes.

color rendering

Falmouth Foreside renovation

Author: Travis Kinney

I’ve been hired to design an addition that is sympathetic to the existing structure. The connector will have a new kitchen and eat-in area and the larger portion of the addition will have a family room. A new master suite will be above the family room and a laundry room and kids bath over the kitchen. The foundation below the family room will have 9′ to 10′ foundation walls providing daylight access. The basement space will be used for a future guest suite.

Existing conditions

Proposed addition

Existing condition

Proposed addition

Restaurant function room

Author: Travis Kinney

Here’s a perspective sketch and schematic plan with partial elevation of a bar and function room design. This space could be rented out for bachelor parties, business meetings, etc. This soon to be renovated space is part of a larger restaurant.

Function room perspective sketch

Function room sketch with notes

Plan and partial elevation