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small cottage – small bathroom

Author: Travis Kinney

Here’s the bathroom in that small Cape Elizbeth cottage. The shower is directly across from the toilet and there’s a pocket door that separates these two from the rest of the bathroom. The cottage even has a small sauna off the bathroom and there’s a closet with a stacked washer&dryer. What else could you want?

Here’s the custom shower enclosure with Hans-Grohe Bridgeford shower head and control. The tile is basket weave carrara marble from Old Port Specialty Tile. The frameless glass door is from Pinnacle Window Solutions.

tile shower

This is the toilet alcove across from the shower. The beadboard is mdf Nantucket profile. I like to specify all plumbing and waste-lines in bathrooms to go through the wall and not floor. This can prevent potential leaks from over excited children flooding the bathroom floor and the water making it’s way through the floor openings. I also like to specify an Azek 1×6 baseboard set into a bead of caulking. It’s not a leak-proof solutions, but will buy you some clean up time before the water pours through the living spaces below. Thankfully, there’s just a crawlspace below. Somewhere during the construction process, Fintube baseboard heat got added to this area. There is in-floor electric radiant heat (Suntouch System) and the fintube is not needed. I don’t like fintube in bathrooms as they always end up rusting. The wall sconce is from Restoration Hardware – bistro light.

toilet alcove

small coastal cottage

Author: Travis Kinney

I visited a number of projects the other day and took a number of “scope” shots for future professional photography. A few of them came out well enough for me to post. Trust me when I say, I am not a good photographer, because these spaces are way nicer than they appear on these images. I will try to post some of these images over the next few days.

I love this small bedroom. The walls are MDO panels with applied lattice strips. The ceiling is made up of sheets of MDF Nantucket beadboard panels, with 5/4 trim and 3/4″ quarter-round. The light is from Restoration Hardware. The bedside lamp is from Target.

cottage bedroom

This is the small kitchen. I have a great detail for the open shelving that I love. Notice the lighting under the lowest shelves. The walls are 1×8 poplar nickel-gap. The pendant light in the foreground is from Pottery barn, the 5- panel doors are Simpson MDF doors sourced through Loranger. I selected the stone counter from a remnant that was available at Blue Rock. GE appliances were purchased from Agrens. Notice the edge of the ceiling cross-braces at the top of the photo. The braces look awesome and I’ll try to post a photo that shows them better. Flooring is 1×6 white oak with a mix of quartersawn and plain sawn.

cottage kitchen