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Small cottage on the ocean

Author: Travis Kinney

oceanside elevation

site plan

Author: Travis Kinney

Here’s a schematic site plan that I just finished for a small lot on the ocean. There are all sorts of Shoreland Setback issues to consider on a site like this, as well as preferred views, orientation of sun, slope of land etc. One reason I produced this sketch was to seek the advice and/or hire a soils engineer to review the leachfield. The seller of the property had a leachfield design made, but I’d like to reconfigure it to better fit the house on the site.

schematic site plan

master bathroom

Author: Travis Kinney

I love the floor plan for this master bath that I photographed the other day.

master bathroom floor plan

master tub

I couldn’t get a good photo of the master shower but it’s really cool. The owners did not want shower doors. Something to do with four boys and the glass always needing to be cleaned. The showers are large enough and shower heads positioned in such a way that a door is not required.

master tub

As you can see, there are no sconce shades yet. The owners are trying to decide which shape and type of glass to use. The owners also cut all that floor tile to size for the installer. I forgot to take a close-up photo of the baseboard detail. Spang Builders did an excellent job installing it. There’s always a problem with v-match and beadboard wainscoting where the profile extends down past the baseboard creating a nasty little gap that often fills with crud. Spang installed a flush piece of wood slightly higher than the top of the baseboard so there’s no gap that can fill with dust. It’s a simple detail, but very nice and much needed. I love the balance between the tall built-in linen cabinet on the left with the master closet door to the right.

master vanity and linen cabinet

Isn’t this the best master closet off a bathroom – ever! Love it.

master closet

This isn’t in the master bathroom, but instead it a photo of the kids bathroom down the hallway. The owners have four small boys and loved the towel shot. The shower in the boys bathroom does not have a door and is very large. I bet the boys go wild in there having all sorts of fun.

kid's bathroom

Here’s a rendering that I did for a realtor who hired me to produce some material that might help him sell this property. There’s an existing post and beam salt-box shaped house on the property (shown on the right of the house rendering). I’ve added some dormers and an oceanside porch to the existing structure and propose a 2-car garage with master suite above. The connector between the house and garage would have a large kitchen with patio on the waterside. It’s a very nice site with water access. In the upper left of the rendering you can see a couple kids heading toward an existing set of stairs that go down to the water’s edge. There’s fantastic views of harbor and the marina across the way. I actually know a custom boat builder who owns a shop at that marina.

house sketch

misc. millwork and tile work

Author: Travis Kinney

I designed this built-in breakfast nook, table and bench made out of walnut. Notice the black wall grate in the lower right corner of the image. The house has a forced hot air heating system and all the supply and return grilles are located in the walls. I don’t like floor grates as they just fill up with dirt, pet hair and dust. The HVAC installers would much prefer to go through the floor than the wall. In fact, most won’t even tell you there’s an option, but there is. Yes, it’s more difficult going through the wall as the HVAC guy has to cut through the bottom plate in the wall, install rigid insulation and spray foam behind duct if it’s in exterior wall (to get the right amount of R-value insulation) and fabricate a lot more elbows and angles to bring ductwork up and out. There’s also more coordination required with the trimwork guys installing the baseboard. If you want clean ductwork and not have dust and debri shot all through the house, then go through the walls.

Breakfast Nook

Here’s a shot looking at a corner of the living room where I was asked to design an entertainment center.

Living room before

Here’s the unit that I designed. The row of drawers are for remotes, movies, CD’s etc. Audio and Visual equipment is located on pull-out shelves in base cabinets. There are flanking base cabinets to either side of the stone fireplace, so the millwork is really “anchored” to the room.

Walnut cabinet

The walnut looks so great.

cabinet close-up

I posted a ceiling panel photo a couple weeks back and this is the other photo I took. I need to photograph the other ceiling pane areas and just didn’t around to it.

ceiling panels

Backsplash tile is finally in! Looks awesome! The tile was sourced through Old Port Tile. The cloud motif is made up of small mosaic tile and the subway tile is calacatta stone tile that matches the calacatta counters. I love the way it looks.

back-splash tile

Cape Elizabeth Kitchen tours

Author: Travis Kinney

Cape Elizabeth Community Services is hosting a kitchen tour fundraiser and one of my kitchens has been chosen as part of the tour. I stopped by today to take a few photos. The owners are still on the tail end of finishing their project and have some back splashes, back-splash tile, lawn, misc. lighting, etc to finish. The house looks incredible and it’s so fun to walk through a space that I knew so well on paper and have the chance to ‘test’ my impressions against what I had originally envisioned. I love it when I find a space that I think is just over the top and I go back to my office and look at my plans only to find out they DID built just like I drew it. It’s like I was skeptical that I had envisioned it coming out so well. The owners master bathroom is one of those spaces and I had a lot of fun photographing it. I’ll post some picts of it in a few days.

This first photo I took while standing in the dining room looking back toward the kitchen. Notice the deep and closely spaced coffers in the dining room ceiling and v-match ceiling in kitchen. The first doorway to the left of the range goes into a large walk-in butlers pantry. The door to the right of the refrigerator goes into a small home office where you can look out at the drive to see who is coming and going and what the kids are doing. The doorway down the hallway in the far left edge of the photo goes into a powder room that can also be accessed from the small home office off the kitchen. I love the floor plan for this kitchen!


Here’s a close-up shot of the range and hood. The owners haven’t installed the stone back-splash and tile-work yet.

Range and hood

The granite sink is located directly across from the range and faces toward the dining room. Notice the wall paneling in the dining room.

Granite sink

When you step into the pantry you are facing this great farm sink, ceiling fixture and poster. Love it!


On the opposite wall from the farm sink is this floor to ceiling pantry storage wall. The door to the left leads to a short hallway that extends from kitchen to mudroom, so you can walk through the length of the pantry.

pantry wall

Here’s a portion of my floor plan that shows the kitchen layout. Along the bottom edge of the plan is the exterior entry porch, office and powder room. To the far right of the plan is the dining room. The french doors at the top left of the page go out to an outdoor deck where the grille is located. Nice and close to the kitchen and pantry. Large windows in kitchen give you a good view of the grilling deck and great stonework and landscaping.

partial floor plan