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Small coastal cottage

Author: Travis Kinney

Here’s a small cottage that I designed on the coast.

I stopped by the site to check on the progress and they were in the process of roofing and installing the windows.

The front elevation facing the road make the house look like a small single story building, but the grade drops away quite sharp to a finished basement of oceanside. It’s funny, all the lots along this road are very narrow and new house all run with the narrow edge facing the road and water. I didn’t want this cottage to look like all the others. I wanted the roof the “step down” on the front and sides so that it fit the site nicely. The upper windows shed light into a large cathedral ceiling living room.

front elevation


windows being installed


Here’s the view from the living room looking out to the ocean. There’s a matching pair of upper windows across from these that face driveway (as seen in photo above). These french sliders open out onto a raised deck.


doors toward water


This is the millwork wall to the left of the ocean view as seen on photo above.



Trying to sell?

Author: Travis Kinney

Over the years I have been hired to create sketches of houses that need help in order to sell. A lot of people struggle with seeing a vision of what a house can be turned into. I’ve seen some amazing pieces of property with a house that needs a lot of work. The potential buyers see the house get nervous. They don’t know what can be done too it. Following are a number of sketches that I produced for Tim Kennedy for the exact purpose of helping potential homeowners “see” what could be done to improve the house. The intent is not to show something that has to be done, but to get the buyers to see one possible of many.


Before front


Before - water facing elevation



The house sits on a great piece of land and wonderful views of the water. There’s a great view across the water to the Lowell Brothers Boatyard which has a long history of Maine boat building.


View of water


Here’s some sketches of what “could” be done to the house.

Waterside elevation


Drive way perspective sketch


Floor plan ideas





Here’s a sketch of another property for the same realtor.

Concept design for major renovation



I’ve created a number of aerial perspective sketches of developments too. For Dunstan Crossing in Scarborough, I drew their aerial sketch showing the phases of construction and created the artwork for the available house plans. I did not design the house, just did the renderings. The following sketch is of another development in Freeport. I just have to add the text before sending it to the printers. I think these types of rendering will be very useful for showing potential owners the features of the development and certainly look better than the civil engineer drawings you typically see on development signage. This image below will printed as a hand-out, but could also be printed as a large sign to entrance of development.


River's Edge




Colonial renovation

Author: Travis Kinney

I was hired by a great local builder Dale Bragg to redesign a colonial that he bought in Yarmouth. It certainly was not a very attractive house and in need of a major renovation inside and out.


As you can see, the house style is dark and just plain boring. Probably looked nice and crisp when it was first built.

I sketched over this same photograph showing some changes that were possible.

Proposed changes

The sketch is a bit over the top and shows a few too many ideas, but I figured we’d winnow it down to the best of the bunch and try to unify the feel inside and out.

The challenge was to use some of the existing window openings and coordinate the exterior look with the changes being proposed to the interior. The single door to the left opens into a new kitchen. I think the final scheme is going to be all white, in keeping with the greek revival feel. I like the black sashes in this rendering.

cadd drawing of elevation with a dark paint scheme

I created plan studies for the entire interior based upon Dale’s ideas. The kitchen is much larger than what was there and we opened up the floor plan quite a bit. We were forced to go with a narrow kitchen because we didn’t want to relocate the staircase. I went and checked the dimensions on a current kitchen I designed and absolutely love and the width was the same.

kitchen changes

I designed the kitchen below and this is the one I checked to see if the width was similar to the kitchen Dale is going to build and it was exactly the same! So I’m confident Dale’s kitchen renovation is going to be top notch.


The oceanside of the house was very ugly. There was a huge cathedral living room and none of it made much sense. The second floor is now going to extend over cathedral space and a new master suite will face the water. Here’s what it looked like.

before with ugly window layout

To change the waterside I proposed bumping out the entire first floor and bring some unity between the large picture windows and place an exterior door in the middle. The bump-out is even deeper at the entry door and has a couple decorative brackets to the right and left. The new master suite is on the second floor over the entry door below.

waterside elevation