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Author: Travis Kinney

site plan



Aerial sketch



garage front


side of garage



oceanside of garage

Coastal gambrel

Author: Travis Kinney

Street view

Here’s an updated photo of the shingle style gambrel I’m working on. Notice the nice arch at the entry and the smaller one at the corner of the garage.


Below is a photo of some of the veneer stone that has been showing up. There’s not a lot of storage space on the site to keep all the building material.



American Granite


The mason created this small section for the owners and I to look at and approve. It does not show the final grouting and tooling of joints.

veneer stone applied

The view from the attic office is incredible. In the left of the photo is an opening into the adjacent attic that will be used for storage and to house some mechanical equipment.

third floor office space


Here’s an elevation of those same three windows with the stair railing in foreground.

attic office elevation

Kitchen design

Author: Travis Kinney

I’ve been working on the kitchen design for the last couple weeks and it’s nearly complete. Here’s a sketch from a few months ago showing the basic idea.

New kitchen drawing


custom kitchen design



Framing photos

Author: Travis Kinney

Here are a couple photos taken during framing. This first photo is the steel cage for the cupola. The cupola steel is bolted and welded to steel beams in the second floor and first floor ceilings.


cupola steel framing



I’m standing in the future swimming pool looking back toward the breakfast room (curved wall) and kitchen sink window to the right. There’s a second floor balcony that will built on those two steel beams sticking out at second floor level.

framing photo

The photo below is the view from one of the master bedroom windows looking toward Spring Point, Fort Gorges and Peaks Island. We placed the house on the site and oriented the rooms to take advantage of the views. To do this, I used nautical charts of the bay and plotted the compass angles on the site plan to make sure the alignment would be perfect.


ocean view

stone patio with storage below

Author: Travis Kinney

One of my current projects has a large round patio with veneer stone. The homeowners decided that instead of filling in the space below the patio surface with compacted fill, they should use it for seasonal storage. We poured a slab inside and have steel beams being delivered next week for forming a structural slab roof which will also be the patio support. We added windows in the wall to make it look more like the old forts in Casco Bay.


concrete cutting

Here’s a concrete cutting making the cut-outs for the steel beams and windows (the decision to turn the space below the patio into storage occurred after the walls were already poured, hence the need to cut the walls)


patio sketch


Above, is a sketch of the patio with the storage space underneath. The access door is over to the left and there will be large boulders in the foreground holding back the grade and creating a raised plant bed. The site grading rises around to the right, which is why there are stairs drawn. I need to produce another sketch showing the stone wall above the patio surface lower so as not to cut off the foreground view from people when they are sitting. I will try drawing a cable rail guard as an option.

Blackberry Lane

Author: Travis Kinney

Dale Bragg hired me to do some design work for a piece of property he’s developing. There are three empty house lots and an existing colonial that he renovated.

Here’s a before photo and a number of finished photos.




colonial house cadd drawing


colonial renovation


aerial photo of colonial


front porch close-up


porch side view


back of house facing ocean