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Shed dormer and entry

Author: Travis Kinney

Here’s a project that has been finished for awhile. I hadn’t seen the shed dormer that was completed and it looks great. I just love this entrance, so had to post it again.


new shed dormer



garage before







entry before

Coastal gambrel update

Author: Travis Kinney

overall shot


The image below shows the best way to flash a window that is right on the ocean. The coppersmith creates a custom pan for all wall penetrations. Shown below is the interior lip that is bent up. If any water makes it past the exterior flashing and caulking, it will hopefully land on this pan and flow back outdoors. Extra caution is needed to protect all the interior millwork!

copper pan flashing



Here’s the veneer stone that is being applied around the base of the house. There will be a sloped copper cap that is integrated into the window pan flashing.

veneer stone

Small Laundry Room

Author: Travis Kinney

Here’s a small laundry that I recently photographed.

Late in the design process we opted to add a walk-in pantry off the mudroom and the only way to do it was to remove a double door linen closet in powder room (what do you need a double door linen in a powder room for?) and moved the washer and dryer below the stair in the garage. So the washer and dryer shown below are actually poking through the wall between the house and garage. The slope to the left is from the stair in the garage. By removing the powder room closet and moving the washer and dryer I instantly gained 5′. I then took a little out of the powder room and laundry room width and presto, we had a walk-in pantry! (I’ll post the pantry picture another day).

This is how I like my laundry units…..

Front loaders and controls mounted on the front. When you do this, you can create a huge folding shelf above them. My client is rather tall, so he actually purchased the pull-out 12″ tall base drawers under the washer and dryer. The units are made by Miele and they offer a vacuum cleaner that fits in one of the drawers below as seen in this photo.

Front load washer and dryer

This laundry room was small in that it was only 6′-0″ wide as shown on elevation drawing below. The space saver was that the front load washer and dryer were not part of that footprint since they are pushed out under the garage stair. The window faces you right as you walk in.

window in laundry room

Below is the wall elevation to the left upon entering laundry room. The owner wanted a Miele rotary iron, which is shown below the counter to the left. He also bought a vintage slate sink from some guys farm field up North. It cleaned up great.

slate laundry sink


I climbed up over the washer and dryer to take this photo. The counter is glued up cherry from a tree taken down on the size prior to construction. The counter flips up above the rotary iron, so it can be used in place. Note the wall mounted air register. I do not like floor grates as they tend to get full or dirt and dust. Wall mounted vent are way better, but your HVAC probably won’t offer it since it’s a pain for them to install because there’s extra elbows, they have cut through the floor, framing and wall. But, way worth it in the end.


laundry sink and ironing


I like laundry equipment that is slid into millwork openings. I don’t like these awkward gaps between units where duct bunnies collect and you can’t clean easily. The problem is, the manufacturer literature with dimensions of the units tend to be rather inaccurate. It’s always better to measure off the real thing, or make the millwork adjustable/ removable so it can be customized after units are installed.



washer and dryer millwork

Kitchen sketch

Author: Travis Kinney

Getting close to sending out the kitchen design for pricing. Here’s a partial elevation at range-top. There’s a 36″ gas range-top and 15″ Induction top to the left. Custom hood above.


Range-top elevation