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panelled porch ceiling

Author: Travis Kinney

Here’s a close-up shot of the paneled porch ceiling. There’s a large vaulted ceiling in foreground that is centered over the entry doors. You can see the paneled ceiling beyond as it is being installed. Not all the trimwork for the paneling has been installed yet. All the trim shown in this image is Azek, a man-made synthetic material that requires little to no maintenance. All the black dots in the photo are the screws used for installation and will be filled with a fiberglass resin later on. The drip-edge in the photo is copper, like all the other flashing on the house.

The round column is a fiberglass column from HB&G.


Porch ceiling

Copper roof flashing

Author: Travis Kinney

I leaned out the second floor window and took this shot of the copper roof flashing where the shallow porch roof meets the steep gambrel roof. All the seams are soldered with lead. There are clips at the end of each sheet on the steep gambrel pitch installed with copper nails. The vertical lip to the left will be locked into the standing seam copper roof to be installed along the entire porch roof. I have never seen red copper patina so quickly as it has on this property. It is completely covered within a week!


copper roof flashing

Mirror lights

Author: Travis Kinney


These are great mirror lights for a vanity. I designed this 12′ vanity that has a linen cabinet in the center (you can see the edge of it to left of photo). The mirrors are beveled glass with a frame made from crown molding set at a shallow angle. The counter top stone is actually a 2″ thick Calacatta marble remnant that I found at Blue Rock, the local stone center. I like to use a matching backsplash and in this installation included a bullnose cap on backsplash.

You can see the blue painters tape in the lower left of the photo which is there until the knobs are installed.

Also notice the nice ogee profile to the edge of the vanity counter.


vanity and wall-to-wall mirror

Hudson Valley

Greek Revival

Author: Travis Kinney

I have a project in Falmouth that I designed a year or so ago and has been under construction. I stopped by yesterday and took a couple photos since the windows and most of the exterior trim has been installed.

Here’s one of my earlier renderings showing what the front would look like.

Greek Revival addition

The siding on this gable face will be shiplap cement board. Old greek revival structures often had flat painted boards and they never weathered that well, at least this far north. Thanksfully, we can get the right look using low maintenance materials like cement board. While visiting the job-site and discussed the pilaster detail flanking either side of the entry door.

PVC exterior trim and zip-wall


house addition

The first floor corner shown below contains the mudroom which is right off the new foyer. The second floor windows shown in the frieze band are located in the master closet and master bedroom.

close up of trim

Here’s my rendering of the oceanside of the house. In order to get the daylight basement in, we had to install boulders to act as a retaining wall to hold back the existing grade.


oceanside of house


I love how the boulders look in this photos. The french doors in the center of the photo are part of the new dining room. Master bedroom is in foreground on top floor.

daylight basement


windows installed



Here’s ab early schematic design sketch of first floor plan prior to my putting the plans into cadd.

first floor

Outlet in stone veneer

Author: Travis Kinney





exterior outlet in stone veneer



Outlet rougn-in in veneer stone

Balcony window

Author: Travis Kinney




Balcony wall