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aerial sketch


kitchen addition close-up

Floor plan study with ocean views

Author: Travis Kinney



floor plan study

Study sketch for City of Gardiner

Author: Travis Kinney


Gardiner lighthouse



existing house


study sketch for new fireplace and sitting area off renovated kitchen


Proposed design



new garage addition


new garage, sitting room and chimney off kitchen

Entrance slab

Author: Travis Kinney

I wanted to use very large slabs at the entrances that would last forever and not require any maintenance.

They may not look that large in the photo, but notice the doors which are 36″ wide and 7′ tall.

Caledonia granite slab


side entry slab

Templates were made of each landing and tread and mortared into place.

caledonia granite slab detail


Super-bright LED garage lighting

Author: Travis Kinney

Super-bright LED garage lighting