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Attic arch update

Author: Travis Kinney

Here’s a perspective sketch of half the attic-office based upon cadd drawings I created.


attic sketch


They just stained the mahogany arches the other day. It’s going to look awesome! The beadboard design is something I had special knives made for. Instead of a bead, it’s just a gentle curve. I saw this profile on a caboose at the Steam Town Museum in Scranton, PA years ago and loved the soft edges it created.


attic arches

Foyer built-in bench

Author: Travis Kinney

Here’s a photo of an unfinished built-in bench in a foyer that I designed. There is a matching bench across from it.

It’ll look great once it’s all painted.



foyer entry bench


Pool update

Author: Travis Kinney

Here’s a picture I took this morning of the gunite pool. They just finished the veneer stone around the breakfast nook. I wanted the veneer stone to go down into the water. See those small PVC pipes sticking out of curved veneer wall? Those are water jets that will spray out into the pool. In the lower left is an elevated bench 18″ below the waterline for sitting. There are three wall jets on bench back to massage your back as you look out toward Portland Head Light.

swimming pool


Gunite pool being started

Author: Travis Kinney

Here’s a photo of a gunite being being started.

pool hole Untitled - 4


Author: Travis Kinney

Here’s a quick photo of the foyer to this greek revival addition. The project is nearing completion, so I need to stop by and take more photos.







Random sketches

Author: Travis Kinney

Here’s a couple sketches I found while going through some old work. elev IMG_0060 sketch coastal plan

sketch elevation