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From camp to cabin

Author: Travis Kinney

I had posted about this project before, but following are some recent photos given to me by the owners and the GC.

My clients had bought a piece of land in Rangeley, Me and wanted to build a cabin on it. There is another project of mine in that area that they really liked and wanted something similar. The land they purchased had two old log cabins and they weren’t sure if they were worth saving. I convinced them, that the only way they are going to get the vintage look and patina of the old wood is to keep the buildings and work with them.

My design converted one cabin to the cathedral ceiling living room and the other cabin became the kitchen and dining room. We then added a new addition to the back, along with a new garage.

The first photo is what we started with.

Rangeley architect

old Rangeley camps

We moved the cabins out of the way and poured a new foundation and rolled them back onto it. The cabin on the right was rotated 90-degrees so that the ridge would be opposing the other cabin ridge.


The existing cabins had a top-plate-elevation of only 7′, so decided to add a row of two to three logs at the base of the cabins to raise them up. These old cabins tended to have rather “light” roof framing, so we framed a new roof assembly over the existing. This gave us the chance to add much needed insulation and left the old logs and framing exposed on the interior. The section below shows the roof framing and a large new fireplace and chimney.



entry elevation 2






Waterside 01




exterior right


photo left





exterior right 02







boy’s bathroom

Author: Travis Kinney

Below is the elevation of the boy’s bathroom. There was space to the right where a valley extended out and we were able to squeeze in a custom hamper and drawer. The hope is that the boy will use it!


kids bathroom


bathroom hamper

Here’s the elevation of the custom vanity and section through shower. The dashed line on far right indicates the tiled shampoo shelf.

custom vanity




custom vanity



custom vanity


Boys bathroom




boys bathroom






corner shower


marble soap shelf


Shampoo shelf

Kid’s bathrooms

Author: Travis Kinney

Following is a design for two small bathroom in a space that had one bathroom. The kids are turning into teenager and the daughter did NOT want to share a bathroom with her older brother. How gross! ha ha


My first attempt at utilizing the space as best I could was to create a symmetrical design. plan sketch 02 plan sketch 03

The daughter really wanted a shower/tub combo, so it changed to this.

plan sketch 01


Here’s one elevation sketch of the girl’s bathroom with custom millwork.

girls bath

Cadd elevation looking toward door. The bathrooms are small, but at least they get their own bathrooms now.

girl bath cadd 03 girl bath cadd 02 Try as I may, my photography skills are marginal. The room looks much nicer than my photos show.

Notice the cool backsplash at the vanity and the nice floor tile pattern.

The medicine cabinet is extra deep and has an outlet installed inside.

Notice the space for the toilet. By code, you are required to have 30″ clear space and we ended up with 28 1/2″. The code enforcement officer was not thrilled, but allowed it based on a signed letter by the owner, that they are aware of the code discrepancy.



girl bath photo 02


girl bath photo 01

girl bath cadd 01


Instead of a shower curtain or full wall of frameless glass, we opted for a splash panel that can be swung out of the way. After the completion of the project I asked the owner if it is working as designed and she reported that it is, and keep the water from splashing out onto he floor during a shower.

tub photo 01


girl bath cadd 03


There is a rainmaker shower head mounted to ceiling that is not shown in the photo.

tub photo 01


Renovations in tight spaces can be difficult and this was the point where we discovered the narrow space for toilet. The problem was, the custom vanity millwork was in fabrication. We could have made the cabinet narrower by 1 1/2″, but it would have been costly. These sketches below were shown to the code enforcement officer for his review.








Laundry room

Author: Travis Kinney

Here’s a laundry room that I designed.

This was a renovation project so I had limited space to work with, but was able to fit a lot of details into this space.


I produced numerous sketches in plan and elevation as I worked on the design and reviewed them with the owners and discussed what they were looking to achieve.

Sketch below shows window to far left, then an open display cabinet to right of sink. The upper cabinet doors with curved lines was a suggestion for leaded glass detailing or mirror panels to help the room appear larger.

To the lower right are flip-out hampers.


washer dryer


Below is a cadd elevation. The owner wanted an area for two stools where she and her daughter could work on sewing projects together. We ended up with three tilt-out hampers at lower right. The client LOVES dagger doors, to the point where I teased her quite a bit about it! You can see I added rods below upper cabinets in two locations for limited hang drying.


daggerDoors cadd


Here’s the wall opposite.

To the far left is an open cubby for hanging clothes and there’s even a flip-down drying rack mounted to the back of the cubby for additional hanging space. The next cabinet has an ironing board inside.

The three matching upper cabinets have mirror panels and there’s a flat screen tv behind left pair of doors. Ironing is boring after all.

One mistake (my fault) in the project is that the washer and dryer the client chose did NOT have reversible doors and the rough in was based on these drawings and the doors swung toward each other! ugh

The GC was talented enough to rework the rough-in after all the millwork was installed (thankfully), but they do not sit as far back as I had hoped and stick out 2″ to 3″ inches too much. sad

iron cadd


The cadd elevations below show a sample of revisions the owner and I were discussing.





Sink elevation sketch.


laundry sink


Sink elevation cadd.


laundry sink cadd


These are obviously not professional photos, but you get the idea of how the space was constructed.

Love the Shaws sink. There’s a kick board heater behind toe-kick cutout.




Photo of the chamfered display cabinet to right and left of the sink.


The owner wanted a lot of hanging space for drying clothes and I designed these pull-out that GC fabricated in their millwork shop.


Close-up of mirror doors. I must have taken this photo during the punchiest as you can see the telltale blue tape to far right!



Built-in ironing board.


Washer and dryer being reworked. You can see how the washer door swings toward the dryer, which is not what we wanted, so we had to rework the rough-in plumbing and electrical. What a pain. Learned my lesson!


The floor is new southern yellow pine with a faux antique finish.


There’s the TV still in the box to the left.



Sewing area to left and tilt-out hampers to right.


Breakfast nook

Author: Travis Kinney

Below is a rendering of the kitchen from previous post looking in the other direction (refrigerator is toward your back in image).

Oops – custom valance over the sink is not shown.

At the center of the image is a breakfast nook area with built-in bench.







The cadd elevation below show different chandeliers that the owner was interested in seeing.

Chapman Chapman classic ThomasOBrian reed



Here’s a photo that I took (professional photos will happen at some point). The round table is temporary as are the chairs. The table chown in cadd elevations above is being built and the chairs in cadd elevations are the ones the owner has purchased.


Recent work

Author: Travis Kinney




Here’s a rendering of a kitchen addition I designed. A 32′ long steel beam was installed and kitchen extended toward ocean by a little over 4′.


The doorway to far left is from the mudroom which I also redesigned (later post).

Refrigerator is to left, then built-in microwave and coffee maker and range around the corner.

There is a built-in breakfast nook to far left of rendering that is just cut-off in the image (later post).


custom kitchen rendering


There were numerous sketches in both plan and elevation to get to the point where I was able to create the rendering above. After all the design options were discussed, sketched and approved, I began putting the information in cadd.

The partial elevation below (with notes and dimensions turned off) is of the refrigerator elevation.




Maine custom kitchen

This partial elevation is to the right of the refrigerator showing the range and custom millwork hood. Notice the cool arched millwork to the far right. This is a custom valance over the sink.


custom range hood

Here’s a photo I took of the refrigerator wall. The cabinet above the microwave has a small pull-out flat screen tv and the cabinet above that has a Sonos sound system.

The large coffered beam at ceiling conceals the huge steel beam holding up the second floor. The old kitchen exterior wall was located here and you can see how I extended the kitchen (to the right) about 4 to 5 feet.


Custom maine kitchen


Here’s a view of the range with custom hood. Steel beam at top of photo, valance over sink to right of photo and a wee bit of the island is shown to lower right.

Wolf range