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Author: Travis Kinney


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Rangeley, Maine

Author: Travis Kinney









ND7A9067 Final

Old farmhouse renovation

Author: Travis Kinney

I was hired to help design a new kitchen, powder room, laundry and mudroom for a couple who own a very old farmhouse. The first thing I noticed when walking into the house was the low ceiling at 6′-10″!


Who would want to spend all this money renovating a kitchen and have a ceiling that low? ugh

Unfortunately, the space below the kitchen was inaccessible between two other basement spaces. I could see into a crawlspace from one of the basement as there were plumbing and electrical lines going below the old kitchen.


I knew that the best solution to making this a great kitchen project was to get additional headroom. Once the project was designed a number of general contractors shied away from it because they didn’t want to get into excavating below the kitchen. A few of them tried to convince the owners that they didn’t need to lower the floor, but I knew better.

Flying Point Construction, who I have worked with on numerous projects was NOT daunted by the idea at all, so they were hired and began ripping up the floor.

I wish I had taken a photo of the excavated space which included a large cistern. The two photos below show the space with new gravel installed and compacted. Notice how the windows in the first photo look really  elevated in the wall and how high the door threshold is in second photo.


The floor was lowered about 16″ to 18″ and then a slab poured on top of that once all the plumbing was roughed-in.



Here’s a photo after the slab was poured. We gained about 12″ in head room and also installed radiant heat in the slab!





The column in photo above is the same column shown below that is in the new kitchen island.


The old ceiling beams are fake, but give it that vintage look that we were after. The owner purchased vintage olive buckets for the ceiling pendants.














Elevation drawings and details were drawn for all the spaces. Below are two tiny elevation images from my cadd file.

kitchen elev01

The scope of work included a new entrance into an old carriage room. entry2




This sketch below shows the entry doors from inside the mudroom. The doorway to left behind the that guy goes to the new laundry room. The doorway in foreground on the left goes into the new kitchen. The doorway to the right goes into a new family room built in part of the old attached garage/barn.


Mudroom had a new slab poured and herringbone brick installed.

mudroom rendering

mudroom elevation 2








This was my first client who wanted a disco ball installed. Very cool!

This space was used for storage and is attached between an old carriage garage and the house. The old board wall behind the couch is original as is the floor boards. Walls and roof were reinforced and all new insulation installed.


New powder room off the kitchen has a nautical theme with very cool custom printed wallpaper.