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Greek revival house

Author: Travis Kinney

Following are photos of a small greek revival house that I designed and recently had photographed.

This house has one of my favorite plan layouts. The owners haven’t put in any landscape plants yet because they have their hands full rating three little kids!










Here’s a couple study sketches of the front elevation.

front-elevation scheme-e-elevation-yellow




























Renovation above a garage

Author: Travis Kinney


Here’s another renovation project for a room over a 2-car garage. The room was previously used as a play space for the kids but since they are in high school and soon to be heading off to college the space is being renovated into some more useful. The idea is to create a home office/ computer area for the family and also new millwork with a fireplace and maybe some exercise equipment. This is a space that is now going to be geared toward the adults.




Master bathroom renovation

Author: Travis Kinney

Here’s a renovation project for a master bathroom. I renovated the kid’s bathrooms and now their bathrooms are nicer than their parents. The gable dormer (the one with the triangular shaped roof) is existing. The shed dormer to the right doesn’t exist. I drew the dormer in Photoshop to show the client what it would look like. The gable dormer is in one of the master closets and the new, proposed shed dormer, will be in the renovated bathroom giving the additional square footage that is desperately needed.




This is section sketch through the proposed bathroom looking out those new shed dormer windows.

The cabinet work below the windows are knee-wall stage cabinet. There is not a counter above them.



Here’s a section looking at the side of the tub and to the far right you can see the shed dormer window in section. The sloped dashed lines indicate the existing roof rafters beyond. To the right of the walk-in shower is a tall linen cabinet.


This section was an older scheme where I was looking at placing the shower where the shed dormer is, but we abandoned that idea.



This is what the plan looked like if the shower were placed where the dormer is. It’s a nice layout with flanking his-and-her vanities.




Author: Travis Kinney

On occasion I am hired by a realtor to help present ideas for how a property can be improved. A lot of buyers are not creative thinkers and when they look at a property they can’t always envision the possibilities that it presents them. Over the years I have been hired to sketch my thoughts for improving a property and the realtor will use my conceptual drawings in their marketing material.


Here’s a photo of a dated house on the coast of Maine on an amazing piece of property. There’s nothing wrong with the house and it’s in great shape, it’s just dated, nondescript and boring. Well, those are not great attributes when trying to sell a stunning piece of coastline. Buyers need to “see” the potential.



dated house

dated house



I was hired to draw an aerial perspective sketch showing the site features, which include a couple private beaches and deep water dock. I also sketched the house a bit differently with possible additions that could be added.

Aerial rendering

Aerial rendering

After having visited the site and reviewing a survey of the property and drew this sketch of what the house could look like. I would love to see a large kitchen addition built that extends the house toward the water and has more windows and french doors to outdoor spaces. I would also like to see the skylights removed and dormers installed in the upstairs bedrooms.

House addition

House addition