Biddeford Pool major renovations

Author: Travis Kinney

Here are some rough sketches for a renovation project in Biddeford Pool. I was hired to help renovate this great old beach cottage as it was at the end of it’s life and in need of some major updates. My client recently purchased it and I spent time photographing, measuring and creating as-built drawings of the structure. Demolition of the interior spaces and finishes are currently under way. It is always nice to find a place like this and to be surprised by what great shape it is in. There are just as many chances of place being in poor condition as good and you never truly know what shape it is in until you open up the walls and ceiling. I’ve been doing this long enough that I had a good feeling about the shape of the structure. Ironically, the worse section was the area that had the most recent renovation work and had been done poorly.


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