entry roof



entry roof section


coffer beam detail


ceiling trim


Wall overhang


rake section


stone veneer cap

window casing

porch column


Here’s a detail for adding horizontal outlets into a baseboard

baseboard outlets

porch soffit detail


Porch section


Half-wall detail


Here’s an eave return detail from a recent project. Keep in mind, I don’t care if you use these details, they just need to be tweaked to meet your specific needs. No detail is universal.

See that sloped piece with the note (white metal flashing or Solid Azek cap)? Some people don’t like to see this capped with black asphalt shingles like rest of house. It stands out too much. I agree. Because it is so shallow, it needs to be covered with one piece of – something. Azek or aluminum is a good choice. I like the idea of both these products because I hope they would be slippery enough to discourage nest building. (I don’t like the look of those spike-y needle things to keep birds from nesting). See the note that says “NO raw aluminum drip edge.” I hate seeing a beautiful house then notice this shiny aluminum drip edge! If your house is white, buy white drip edge. If you have a black roof, buy black.

Classical eave return

My hope is to post details from various projects I have worked on over the years. I have gathered a lot of details over the years and would like to share them with others. I’d like to show a photo of the actual constructed detail and the accompanying detail that the GC used to build it.

Here is the detail drawn and used by the builder for the garage shown on the main page of my blog.

rafter tail detail

rafter tail detail